Ziss CO2 / Diffuser

Ziss CO2TM

Ziss CO2 ZC-II is the completely new patented carbon dioxide generator by chemical neutralization. CO2 generation speed can be controlled by the speed control valve. The innovative pressure equivalent design can give safe and constant CO2 supply to the plant tank. Because ZC-II works by chemical neutralization, high purity CO2 can be generated instantly and CO2 generation is not affected by the temperature.
If you use our Ziss ZCR-160 generation kit, the amount of CO2 generation is around 160g, which can be used around 45days in the around 100 Liter tank.


  • Controllable chemical CO2 generator
  • Instant start & Constant speed
  • Not affected by Temperature (5 ~ 40 oC)
  • High purity CO2 (up to 99%) evolution Easy & Safe operation
  • Rechargeable by Ziss 160g CO2 generation kit (ZCR-160)
  • Integrated Pressure Relief Safety Valve
  • Ziss CO2 Diffuser (ZD-200) included
  • High quality material used
  • All parts are Made in Korea


Bio CO2 Generator Ziss CO2 (ZC-II) Generator
Generation Mechanism Gradual Fermentation Controllable Neutralization
CO2 Speed Control No Yes
Instant Start No Yes
Temperature Issue Yes No (5 ~ 40 oC) OK
Amount of CO2 generation (Not reported by Maker) 160g (ZCR-160)
General use 14 days 45 days (under at 100 L tank)
CO2 Purity Contaminated with EtOH Almost Pure
Odor Yes (by fermentation) No

Ziss CO2 Diffuser ZD-200

Ziss CO2 Diffuser ZD-200 is the new concept CO2 Diffuser which works by tightening felts.
So you can clean or replace this important part easily.
And you can check and control CO2 speed by checking the integrated bubble counter.
ZD-200 gives very fine bubbles and can be worked up to 200L plant tank.

  • Very fine bubbles even at low pressure
  • Can control bubble size by fasten or loose
  • Cleanable, replaceable and long term use
  • Integrated bubble counter
  • High impact resistant Polycarbonate resin used
  • All parts are Made in Korea

Ziss CO2 Generation Kit ZCD-160

Ziss CO2 Generation Kit ZCD-160 comprises #1 solution and #2 solid.
You can simply supply CO2 to your tank if you put #1 solution to the upper tank and
#2 solid to the down tank then control #1 solution dropping speed.
ZCD-160 kit generates 160g of CO2. #1 solution and #2 solid can be stored at room temperature.

  • 160g CO2 generation kit
  • Can be worked at 5 ~ 40 oC
  • Can be stored at room temperature